Why You Should Buy Articles for Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are numerous ways to make your content marketing strategy work. We have presented a few of them in articles we’ve written on our blog and in the courses we have created for you over time. You can learn how to make it big in the inbound marketing world, but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. […]

WordPress Plugins: 2020 brings massive changes

When it comes to WordPress Plugins: 2020 brings amazing changes. This is why we think you’ll absolutely love today’s article. We bring you some of the most amazing and innovative WP add-ons that appeared this year. Also, our bloggers have been discussing with many companies and we can also tell you what other plugins are […]

Domain Age: What It Is And Why It’s Important For Search Engines

If you’ve been working in the digital marketing field for a while, with focus on SEO strategies, you most likely know some basic notions about the term domain age. Even if the term does not have a complicated definition, not everyone is familiar with how it can influence their website’s success and how it ranks […]

In-House vs Outsourcing: How to Win at The Content Choice You Need to Take

You probably know by now how important content marketing is and you’ve already decided it’s a strategy worth investing in. Before we can talk about the alternatives you have for managing your content marketing campaign and debate the whole in-house vs outsourcing situation, let me remind you what the pillars of successful content marketing are:     1. […]

Creating Amazing Content: The Best Tools You Need to Try

Some might say that creating amazing content isn’t an exact science. That it just “takes talent” to write something that will catch the eye of netizens. Squirrly respectfully disagrees with that statement. The tools we’ll present today will drive our point home. And improve your writing, no doubt. Without further ado, here are 8¬†tools that […]

How to Write Your Own Author Bio Description

Do you find it hard to describe yourself in just a few words? I know the feeling. In fact, I find it extremely difficult to write short descriptions about myself. I know my name, I know what I do and what I’m good at but somehow, all I see is a blank space whenever I […]

How Can Content Marketing Agencies Improve Ecommerce Strategies

If you work in eCommerce, this article is right up your alley. There’s no denying that content marketing has become the norm when it comes to how businesses promote their brands. Businesses like yours have the most to gain from using this digital marketing strategy, as generating interest and attracting more visitors to websites are two of its […]

How to choose the person you want to buy articles from

In a previous article, I talked about what are the advantages of buying articles from someone that is specialized in content creation. Writing quality content takes a lot of time, and in the beginning you may even think that you can handle it, but life takes its course, and you will find yourself overwhelmed by […]