Why is Keyword Research Important When Writing a SEO Optimized Article

The majority of website owners when that are just getting started with learning about SEO, they focus on keywords, and how to write SEO optimized articles. Over time, I noticed that different marketers tend to ask the same questions. Why is Keyword Research Important When Writing a SEO Optimized Article ? Hopefully, this article will serve […]

Keyword Research for SEO: How to Attract the Right Readers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of acquiring online visibility for your site. After all, if your readers can’t find you, how will they know of your quality articles? Many people still have a thing or two to learn about SEO. Did you know that organic searches drive 51% of all online visitors to business websites? That […]

Everything You Need To Know About Squirrly’s Powerful Keyword Generator Tool

While taking care of our sites, we’re all preoccupied about how to improve their overall SEO. We all know the main ingredient in this strategy are keywords. But choosing the right ones is never an easy task. Even when we use keyword generator tools, we can never be confident those are the best ones for our site. […]

One Tool that Can Help You With Local Keyword Research

Oftentimes, the art of online marketing seems to employ skills which rather resemble a flair for archery. Designing campaigns, adjusting user experience or planning out a campaign budget – all these have something in common: They HAVE to be well-aimed. Otherwise, you lose on marketing weaponry. To avoid this, you need to shape up a local […]

The Best Alternative to Google Keyword Planner?

“Why would you even look for an alternative to Google Keyword Planner?” may be your first question after reading the title of this article. It’s really a good question, don’t get me wrong! However, the answer is plain and simple: if you’re working on improving your website’s SEO, Google’s tool just won’t do. Many don’t realize […]