Branding in the digital age is becoming an increasing requirement for any business. Time, distance and even language barriers are dissipated thanks to digital technology, thus opening the floodgates of exposure. In order to take advantage of this digital phenomenon, how brands connect and interact with potential customers is paramount.

[bctt tweet=”Unfortunately, there’s no ‘secret sauce’ that will make you stand out instantly.”]

Branding in the digital age encompasses a combination of planning, strategy and experience. That being said, there are some areas you can focus on:

branding in the digital age

The Foundation of Branding In the Digital Age

Make sure you have a very definite idea about the strengths and skills you need for your brand. (As you grow, it’s wise to stick to your strengths and outsource or hire others for the aspects you’re weak at or don’t have time for) For now, have a good grasp on exactly what skills you need.

Have a story for your brand. Storytelling is a powerful tool of influence. Craft the story of why you started your business with facts and struggles you personally overcame. Touch on specific pain points your business and products can relieve. Most importantly, make your future clients emotionally connect to your story. Use this to draw people to you.

[bctt tweet=”This story is what you’ll refer to time and again when building relationships with future customers.”]

Research what digital and media platforms are going to suit your target audience best. Keep in mind that you need to be where your target customers are. Once you identify the social media outlets they’re on, familiarize yourself with that platform so that you can operate it inside and out. In addition, investigate and join groups where your future customers hang out.

[bctt tweet=”Research, listen and create the profile of your ideal customer.”]

Jump Into the Social Media Fire

The most overlooked aspect of social media platforms are the individual communities within them. Infiltrate these groups to build relationships. Demonstrate compassion and empathy, share personal experiences, provide valuable information.

How you relate to people and share your knowledge is important. Branding in the digital age necessitates humility and authenticity.

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Have A Compelling Mission or Slogan

It’s not enough to have a unique selling proposition for your brand. You also need a social or emotional purpose. To do this, establish a modern saying, goal or slogan that evokes emotion. When they hear your brand, they’ll automatically be triggered with a sense of action, reassurance or other positive emotion.

Boring Example:                     Diversimom – Mental Skills

Emotion-Evoking Example:  Diversimom – The Brain-Heart Connection For Online Business

The first one is too vague. The second one suggests knowledge and sensitivity, which can be reassuring for potential clients. By doing this, you trigger social recognition.

Create Engaging Content

As you infiltrate your brand and knowledge into various social media communities and get to know your potential customers, you’ll very easily be able to generate content that caters to their interests. Provide points of view that are related to their interests and struggles, but find ways to weave in your business and products. This grabs their attention, but on their terms because you’re fulfilling the ever-present question of ‘What’s in it for me.’ This way, it’s all about them.

Branding in the digital age is a combination of social engagement and compelling content. Your brand is all about changing the lives of others. Always make sure your content is empowering and inspiring.

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