[Infographic] Ann Handley’s Best Practices for Creating Top Notch Content. Expectation Marketing with Better Content

The content of your website is your no.1 sales tool. Photos, embedded tweets and other entertaining elements can be crucial in creating an attractive, visible and efficient site, but the content is what sells. Appealing and user-friendly content permits your readers to discover more about your products and services and also how your company can help them.

Also, once you start using Expectation Marketing for your brand, you will see that content becomes much more. It becomes the ultimate tool that will help you turn brand-aware visitors into actual customers.

user friendly content

As Ann Handley wrote it:

“Your brand voice is simply an expression of your company‚Äôs personality and point of view. “

Go through the whole infographic to find out the Top takeaways of the bestseller Everybody Writes.

One way you can improve your content is with the Human-Friendly Check from the Squirrly SEO Plugin. We’ll make sure that in your content optimization efforts, you don’t end up repeating the keyword so many times it becomes an unpleasant experience.

Now, if you want to improve your Content, but you don’t want to spend so much time A/B testing conversion rates, funnels and other things, there is an easy way for you to get started. Just make an Audit of your website with our Expectation Marketing Toolkit (free to use) and find out where you need to get better at content.

Teo Vingan