There are so many SEO strategies and tactics for your campaign, but do you know which ones are the best for you?

Many of these strategies and tactics are effective, but you didn’t really know about them last year. Or maybe you did, but you haven’t truly used them. Long Tail Keyword research, competitive analysis made with a tool like ContentLook, link-building and mobile SEO are the most important tactics.

SEO Strategies

seo strategies

Each and every one of you has different and unique search engine optimization strategies that you can use. You have to find out how to use them in your campaign. You can focus on generating keywords, assess the competition or identify your target audience.

[bctt tweet=”Not all strategies for #SEO will work for every WordPress site.”]

Use only those that make sense for you.

SEO Tactics

SEO Tactics are used to gain valuable data and target specific opportunities within your competitors. You can focus on generating links, building testimonials, interviewing bloggers or just collect good content.

Once you have identified your SEO strategies and tactics, you are ready for creating your campaign.

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